Sometimes luck goes your way, and other times…

NOTE: Next Ramble ride will be on Nov. 8th to Union Bridge. Details to come.

I had a wonderful time riding the recent Olde Roads Ramble ride. Weather was perfect, clear and sunny with temps in the 60’s. We started with 4 riders (Mike, Jeff, Carl and me) in Hampstead. The roads were rough and wandering- just what we were looking for. But, you never know how your equipment will handle the abuse of sharp rocks, gravel, washboard bumps and gritty dust. About 25 miles into the route, Mike suffered a damaged frame when his rear derailleur tore itself loose. He’s been in great physical shape recently and I was sad to hear that he had to abandon the rest of the ride.

Mike and Jeff in the early miles.

Mike, Jeff and Carl in the early miles.

The rest of us pulled into Glen Rock for lunch at Mignano’s. Our beer patron for the day, Andy Hanson was waiting for us with some PBR’s. Another Glen Rock rider, Dave, was ready to finish the last miles with us. Pizza, pasta and subs were delivered to the table and devoured. Yum.

Well sated, we rode north on the NCR trail before heading west into the surrounding hills. I heard a loud bang behind me as Andy’s tire blew out, torn on a sharp rock. Luckily, it was patchable. A mile later another bang, in the same tire. Argh! The tire was not stable at this point and Andy made the right decision to limp home rather than continue. I was sad about this. But the tree-lined, car-free miles just kept coming. Wonderful old barns, stone houses, golden fields and big vistas of Autumn leaves showed off their beauty.


We caught the very beginnings of Fall tree colors

Unfortunately, we were not done with mishaps. Jeff was next with a flat. A few miles later I snapped a chain, Carl had rear brake problems and then Jeff got another flat! Wow, I think we got all of our bad luck out on one ride. Dave peeled off to head back to Glen Rock while Jeff, Carl and I soldiered on to the finish.

It was a demanding day of riding, but 100% worth it. Thank you all for enduring and persevering with me.

Carl, Jeff and I pushed on til the end.

Dave and Jeff on a typical gravel stretch


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2 Responses to Sometimes luck goes your way, and other times…

  1. randoramble says:

    Joe, Olde Roads is definitely on for next October. It is a terrific route. There is a small group of regular Ramblers who were unable to ride on the 11th. Maybe they’ll get together for a “re-do” in the next month. I’ll try to post something here if I hear anything.

  2. Joe Urban says:

    I’m hoping you will do a repeat of this ride sometime as I would like to join in, but could not make it this time. Looks like a terrific route.

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