“If you missed it, you missed out” -Dave Hopkins

NOTE: next ramble is Sunday, Dec. 6th. the Point to Point ride. 82 miles along the waterfront from Baltimore to Middle River. Details to come.

Certain Ramble routes just seem to have it all. Every time I ride it, the Pancake Interception is full of adventure, mystery, struggle, beauty, accomplishment, and of course, pancakes. Like reading a favorite book again, you know what happens next, but it’s still so nice to read on.

We had clear, crisp weather for this great Autumn ride. Sam, PJ and myself started from Mt. Washington. Jon, Tom and Moji met us in Sykesville. Dave and Andrew had begun an hour earlier. The long roll on Marriottsville rd early in the morning really sets the mood for this ride. On the steep grind up Henryton rd, I hear squirrels and birds hopping in the dry leaves, and off in the distance, the sound of the Patapsco river rushing. After a quick stop in Sykesville we head off in search of Sam’s Creek rd: a road so pleasant, I’d enjoy riding it in the worst of weather. I follow Moji’s lead through the twists and turns, crunching leaves and bouncing a bit on the unpaved surface. Too much fun. Quickly, we arrive in Union Bridge. Dave, Andrew and a pile of food waiting for us. The Firehouse’s breakfast is always a treat. Also very fun meeting the other groups of cyclists coming from different places.

After breakfast, the long and difficult third part of the ride opens up the distances between riders and becomes, for me, more of a solo experience. The geography opens up to more farmland and less woodland. I always seemed to have Tom or Jon in sight. So nice watching another cyclist far up ahead, parsing the landscape for you. We regrouped quickly at the last rest stop- the ice cream stop, and then made our way back past the historic homes and white fences of Worthington Valley, to Mt. Washington. We were back well before sundown and celebrated with beer and oysters at the the Nickel Taphouse.

Thanks all.

Along Sam's Creek

Along Sam’s Creek

Ready for breakfast

Ready for breakfast

home of the Pancakes.

home of the Pancakes.

So lovely, you barely know you're climbing.

So lovely, you barely know you’re climbing.

Coon Club rd. Look at those colors!

Coon Club rd. Look at those colors!

Tom and Jon in the distance

Tom and Jon in the distance

Horses smell the barn

Horses smelling the barn



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2 Responses to “If you missed it, you missed out” -Dave Hopkins

  1. tom fedewa says:

    Awesome pictures, Bob! How when riding?

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