Ramble Time: 2016

On Again/Off Again: Sunday, January 10th

I’m not particularly sentimental about year changes, but I really appreciate passing the solstice and the increase in sunlight. So, I’m excited to get out and explore on bike.

Here’s the deal: I’ve got the On Again/Off Again short version scheduled for us. The ride alternates between short stretches of the NCR/Heritage rail trails and the hilly roads on both sides of the trail. I don’t normally consider this a winter route since the trail’s often un-rideable from snow and ice. But with the mild weather this season, I expect we’ll have fun with it. We should warm up on the steep climbs and enjoy the protection of the trail. Lunch is in New Freedom at Seven Bar and Grill. Start is at Meadowood Park.

On Again/Off Again: 86 mi., 4800ft.
Date/Time: Sunday January 10th 7:50AM meet-up. 8:05 exit
Start: Meadowood Regional Park STARTMAP
Route Map (click EXPORT for GPS files): ROUTEMAP
Cue Sheet (print one, or ask me to bring an extra): CUESHEET

NOTE: If conditions change, I’ll need to substitute another route.

Sign sez it all.


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6 Responses to Ramble Time: 2016

  1. Kolo Jezdec says:

    Interesting ride, due to the weather. Foggy, warm, then a cold rain, then sunny and windy. Thanks to Tom and Bob for keeping me on track on the road back to New Freedom. Good beer at lunch. I trust everyone made it back home OK. Hope to join in again.


  2. Kolo Jezdec says:

    Plan to meet you where the NCR crosses Sparks, about 9:15

  3. randoramble says:

    Hey Ramblers, I’m gonna stick with this route in spite of the rain. See ya tomorrow.

  4. Kolo Jezdec says:

    Still on for Sunday? Calling for rain overnight, but they have scaled back the amount. At least it will be warm…

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