February ride and January pics

I’ve got our next Ramble scheduled for February 7th. The plan is to ride a shortened winter version of the 3 Glens ride. We’ll start in Balt. City at Carroll Park and ride to Dixon/BWI to meet up with any riders who’d rather start from there. I re-routed the next stretch, shortening it to 30 miles. The idea will be to go from BWI to Greenbelt without another stop. This should shorten our ride time for the day. The 2nd half of the ride remains about the same. Total mileage is now 88 mi. If you haven’t ridden the route before, HERE is the ride report from when we last rode it in 2013.

I’m still putting together the cue so, details are forthcoming. Hope you can make it.


January’s On Again/Off Again shortie turned out great. Everyone got in a fun ride. We stayed fairly close together, re-grouping often, and enjoying a tasty lunch. Thanks all.


PJ on a soggy Cuba rd.


No lines, no cars. Love it. PJ, Tom and fearless leader.


Monkton station in the AM


1st time Rambler, Steve. Great having you along.


There were loads of beautiful roads like this.


Steve and Tom. Another shot of the Hog barn.


You never know what animals you might see on these rides.


Andrew, bringing peace.


Love these shadows. Southbound after lunch.


Tom’s flat. Ugh.


Andrew wins the style award.


We spent a lot of time winding with the river.


Monkton station. The PM stop.


Too cold for lazing about.


Stormy skies threatened us late in the day.


Yikes! No rain thankfully, but the wind became fierce.


Tom and I took the last few miles easy.


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3 Responses to February ride and January pics

  1. PJ Duhig says:

    Fun Ride. I don’t know how I didn’t fall after my encounter with wet line paint on Beaver Dam Rd.

  2. bonnev659 says:

    I miss that trial

    enjoy it and also enjoy the snow

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