Pylesville Snow Date: April 3rd

I’m more interested in enjoying myself than proving myself on the next ride. Pylesville “Winter” Warmer is moved to April 3rd.

Who knows? Sunday’s snow may wind up being nothing, but I’d rather try for better weather. Cue sheet and details will be up ASAP. Since we’re effectively skipping a March Ramble, I may just throw in something else later in April.

BTW: Whatcha doing on May 1st?
I’ll tell you: Monument to Monument Ride



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One Response to Pylesville Snow Date: April 3rd

  1. charlie murphy says:

    How did you know I would be back by them. Might join you but I have very few bike miles on these legs.  Lots of canoeing miles in my arms tho’. Florida, while redneck, is awesome in March. Headed to Cumberland Island for  3 day backpack trip tomorrow. Just finished a 3 day trip through Cedar Keys, very chill place.  I loved it! Paddled in the Gulf of Mexico and was escorted by a large school of dolphins.  Charlie

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