M2M starts HERE


Check out those pics of the M2M bike pile in 2009 and then the one in 2015. I bet the number of M2M riders has increased ten-fold in 6 years. That wouldn’t have been possible without us challenging our friends and riding buddies to come on out and ride it. I love that.  It also wouldn’t have been possible without this blog.
  1. This blog links M2M to the numerous other super-awesome Ramble rides:
    Check them out. Ever ridden Frederick road all the way to Frederick? Ever ridden to Chesapeake BeachGettysburgHavre de Grace? How about a different route to DC?
  2. This blog gives you info for completing those other rides: Most of the other Rambles are more adventurous than M2M and you’ll appreciate the advice.
  3. This blog archives our ride reports: These are the stories that inspired most of us to start riding self-supported century rides in the first place.
So, tell your buddies about the Ramble blog. Stay in touch by signing up for email updates here, or liking RambleFB. Then scroll through the posts to find another route you’d ride this year.
Share your experience riding M2M 2016 using #bikem2m or send me pics or links to your blog.
Details on the ride HERE.  See ya on Sunday, May 1st!      -Bob

Bikes at 2009 lunch stop.



Bikes at 2015 lunch stop. (with a lot more around the corner)




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