the Rain Game

M2M is no different than any of the other Rambles: it is a day-long adventure. Tomorrow’s ride will be approximately equal parts: rainy road riding, easy trail riding, standing around talking to your friends. Not too bad. I’ve been happy in the rain and miserable in nice weather. Which you want is up to you.

Bob’s brief thoughts on rain and tomorrow’s ride:

  • You WILL get wet, don’t worry about it. Dress warm esp. wool.
  • Put your cue in a ziplock bag and don’t use it. (unless you’re lost)
  • Lights, lights, lights. And, good batteries and bright clothes.
  • Flat-proof tires are VERY nice. You don’t want to fix a flat in the rain.
Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 8.54.24 AM

Brock Bridge rd on the 2008 Monument ride


Barry C. and Josh (?) watching a car ford Brock Bridge



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3 Responses to the Rain Game

  1. Charlie says:

    eagerly awaiting this trip report

  2. Carl says:

    Bob, will you be doing/leading another M2M this year,hopefully, on a day when it’s not raining?

  3. Not me. I think that’s Josh.

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