The Northern Chesapeake Circumnavigation

Isaias or not, here is the scoop:

Northern Chesapeake Circumnavigation: 180 mi., 4900ft.
Date/Time: Sunday July 3rd, 5:00AM start (yes, that says 5AM)
Start: Middle Branch Park START
Route Map (click EXPORT for GPS files): ROUTEMAP
Cue Sheet (print one, or ask me to bring an extra): CUE SHEET


  • Tell me if you are coming on this ride.
  • The start location was chosen because there’s ample parking and it’s easy to get to by car from nearby highways. We’ll exit through the city when it’s quiet in the early morning and when coming back we’ll be done before going into Baltimore. That should be easier on the nerves. There’s no water stop at the start. There are Royal Farm Stores nearby HERE and HERE2
  • I’d recommend putting an extra copy of your cuesheet in a baggie in a pocket, just in case the other gets destroyed by sweat, or if your Garmin poops out.
  • The Hatem bridge will cost you $8 cash. I don’t like it, but I’m willing to go for it just this once.
  • There are 5 rests on the cue. Plan to take longer/re-grouping breaks at the 1st and last stops. The middle 3 should be quickies.
  • Bay bridge crossing: we will re-group and/or contact one another by phone in Stevensville. The Kent Island Express (410-604-0486) costs $35 for one bike and $5 for each additional bike. If we can re-group here we’ll save money. If riders are spaced far apart, the ‘A’ group can decide if they want to go ahead with a van before the end riders get in. There are no more official rest stops once you get back across the bay.
  • Sunrise is 5:44AM, Sunset is 8:37PM. Assuming 15mph ave moving speed plus breaks, I’m thinking this will be in the 15hr range and we’ll be getting back around 8PM.
  • Tell me if you are coming on this ride.


Rider roll call:

  1. Bob W
  2. Ken F
  3. Jon P
  4. PJ
  5. Geoff D
  6. Casey F
  7. Tyler P
  8. Che H

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7 Responses to The Northern Chesapeake Circumnavigation

  1. Ben M says:

    I plan on joining! As does one Pat L.

  2. jon p says:

    thanks for all the data – looking forward to spending the day with you all!
    jon p

  3. Geoff Doyle says:

    I would like to join you – what else do I do besides tell you? I am assuming there are waivers to sign, etc? I road for a bit with Peter Duhig at the Fools Classic

  4. Casey F says:

    I am a friend of Ken F’s and plan to do the ride.

  5. Andy Hanson says:

    Not too late to sign up for the Kilgore Falls Bike and Hike tomorrow! Deac

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. Peter Duhig says:

    I plan on coming. Are you riding to the start? I may drive. -PJ


    • randoramble says:

      Thanks for the ride offer. I was thinking I’d ride, but it will be very dark on the way down. I’ll decide in the next couple days. Thx. -B

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