B to A to B

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I did. Way too much driving, so I’m eager to get out on a ride.

The Ramble is doing an “on again-off again” of the Baltimore & Annapolis trail this Sunday. I’ve made a few changes to the old route. We won’t get a lot of daylight this time of year AND, there’s a Ravens game downtown from 1PM-4PM. So I’ve made the route shorter, omitted the lunch stop and moved the start to Middle Branch park. We’ll begin promptly at 8AM. The route takes Belle Grove and Camp Meade down to the B&A trail. Then a long diversion over to Sandy Pt. park and a quick rest stop. South through Annapolis and down to Thomas Point park to get another big view of the Chesapeake. Returning north, we’ll have our 2nd rest stop and get back on the trail for the return to BWI. I’m hoping for arrival back into Baltimore by 2:30PM which should give us a safe window for getting home while the game is still going and the sun is still up. Beers will have to come afterwards.

Middle Branch park has easy parking and porta-pots, but no water. Rest stops are 30 miles apart.



  • The B&A 87 mi., 3000ft.
  • Date/Time: Sunday, December 4th. 7:45AM meet-up. 8:00 exit
  • Start: Middle Branch Park STARTMAP
  • Route Map (click EXPORT for GPS files): ROUTEMAP
  • Cue Sheet (print one, or ask me to bring an extra): CUESHEET


We had great weather and great riding on last month’s Olde Roads ride. Thanks all.


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10 Responses to B to A to B

  1. Charlie Murphy says:

    Bob, keep it at Nicks. Too far to bike down from BA or JS due to our departure time from C-ville. We will park near Middle Branch, maybe @ Nicks. See ya’ll in the AM

  2. Nigel says:

    Plan on connecting up with you at Marley. What time do you think you will get there?

  3. Charlie Murphy says:

    I am in:) No nooner beers!! What do you have in mind for post ride brews? I might stage my truck near the watering hole and meet y’all at the start.

    • Mike H says:

      Dang it Charlie, now I might need to drive to the start as well. Another option, since it is on the way home…http://www.hsbeer.com/visit. It might defeat the objective of missing the Ravens craziness though.

    • randoramble says:

      I’ve got Dr. Mike and Charlie in the bag? Score! … You guys are right: the post ride beer is critical. Mike, it looks like Heavy Seas tap room closes by 2PM (tho’ their site is confusing). I was thinking maybe Nicks http://tinyurl.com/nicksfishhouse It will probably be Ravens frenzied in the bar areas, but they have a lot of tables too. I’m open to other suggestions.

    • Charlie Murphy says:

      Nicks is ok. If you want to go more uptown to get away from the crowds I am good with that as well.

    • randoramble says:

      Brewers Art? Joe Squared? or, we can come all the way up towards Hampden. Are you thinking you’d park at Middle Branch?

  4. Geoff Doyle says:

    Wish I could join you, however I am “stuck” in Key West through Dec 7th. Have a good ride!

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