April 9th: Ramble to Havre de Grace

First, a big thank you to PJ for riding to Frederick with me on the last Ramble. The ride was scenic and kept us climbing all day. It was 21° F at the start and stayed below freezing the whole ride. I won’t argue if you think that’s just too damn cold for a century ride, however, PJ and I remained comfortable the whole ride. I wore: shoes, wool socks and full cover booties (I did not use chemical warmers. my feet were cold but never miserable), bibs/wicking long undies/windproof outer pants, wicking turtleneck/arm warmers/soft shell outer jacket/wind vest, thick ski mittens, balaclava/ear flap hat. These kept me just warm enough, but most importantly, they allowed moisture to evaporate throughout the day. If the same clothing had been damp, I would’ve frozen.

Next Ramble is April 9th. A reworking of my route from Charm city to Havre de Grace.


the Lighthouse in Havre de Grace

There are a couple of nice improvements to this route: it’s shorter and with a little less climbing, and the lunch stop is well after the half way point. It is still a hilly route and could be made worse with winds in the open areas of Harford county. Like the original version, there’s a little bit of everything: city riding, woodsy stretches, open farmland, paved and unpaved roads, beautiful water views and a beer at lunch.

Charm and Grace 95 mi., 4700ft. (hilly)
Date/Time: Sunday April 9th 7:50 meet-up 8AM push-off
Start: Canton Waterfront Park parking area STARTMAP
Route Map (click EXPORT for GPS files): ROUTEMAP
Cue Sheet (print one, or ask me to bring an extra): CUESHEET



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5 Responses to April 9th: Ramble to Havre de Grace

  1. Isaias says:

    Yeah, that area sux whatever you do.

    I’ve ridden 23 to 924 to Abingdon to 40, but I’ve ridden the entire length of 24, as well. 22 to the Bel Air bypass, Route 1, then pick your route up at Whitaker Mill, but then west on Stockton, is another option.

    • Isaias says:

      I mean 22, not 23

    • randoramble says:

      someone’s riding Wheel rd. according to strava’s heat map. not a lot, but as much as Whitaker, Stockton and Hollingsworth. unfortunately, there’s nothing running east/west that is any more heavily travelled. Dave Hops seems to be familiar with that stretch. He noted it being busy, but manageable. Again, the twisty parts will be mostly downhill and we’ll have tail lights blazing.

  2. Geoff says:

    Looks like a lot of fun – as a frequent rider in Harford County I would recommend finding an alternative to Wheel Road – zero shoulder, sharp turns and fairly heavy traffic for some reason.

    • randoramble says:

      Hey Geoff. I know what you mean, it’s crappy routing through there.
      To my eye it looks like Wheel, Singer, Philadelphia or Churchville to pick from. I took Wheel.
      The twisty parts are a fast descent to Cedar bridge. The mile uphill on the other side is straighter and will have to be ridden with rear lights on.

      Are you seeing a different route through there? -Bob

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