M2M: a fantastic way to spend a Spring Sunday

Print a copy of the CUESHEET if you can, or download the GPX files from the MAP.
Bring a bike bell if you’ve got one. I’ll see you Sunday morning.

I noticed some great comments on the site from previous M2M rides:

In 2016 after riding the entire route in cold rain, Charlie wrote:
Kudos riders, tough day and you rode strong.

In 2015 Kwesi wrote:
This will be my first Century…. CAN’T WAIT!

In 2013 Charlie wrote:
Excellent as always. i really enjoy running sweep on this ride because the proudest ramblers are in this group. They amaze themselves that they rode all the way to the monument. The “baddest” rambler of the day goes to Jack, 75 year old cyclist finishing his 2nd century ever. And he wasn’t in the back of the pack either.

In 2013 we had a group riding simultaneously from DC to Baltimore. Justin  wrote:
We had a great time doing the ride in reverse from DC. Good catching up with you for a few moments in Laurel there! The chipwich from the 7-11 in Jessup on the way home was delicious.

And patrick in 2013 wrote:
Great route, Bob; great ride, everyone. That was a fantastic way to spend a Spring Sunday.


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