Good, good, fun. Thanks y’all.

I had a blast riding Monument to Monument last Sunday: great riding weather, lots of daring bike riders, excitement riding up to the Washington Monument. The afternoon was even more fun, riding easy with a group of Ramble regulars, taking our time and enjoying the day.

How’d your ride go? Got some pics or a ride report? I can post a link to them here.
(click the pic to enlarge)

I counted 60 riders at the start. There were at least 15 more who joined along the way.

Socks of the M2M

3 fixed gear bikes. lots of happy long distance riders.

along the way

smiles and beer at the end.


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11 Responses to Good, good, fun. Thanks y’all.

  1. Mike H says:

    I am disappointed that I had to make it a short day. I was good to share a few miles with the “old” crew.

  2. Kevin Kunak says:

    So sad I missed it. I was doing the 5 boro tour. You only do this once a year correct?

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    • randoramble says:

      Monument to Monument is just once a year for me. If it’s M2M you’re interested in, plan for next year’s on the 1st or 2nd Sunday in May. If it’s century rides you’re interested in, then come along on one of the many other rides. Best. -Bob

  3. Israel says:

    Ugh! I hate that for 3 yrs straight, I’ve missed M2M due to work or some other obligations. Hopefully next year. Thanks for organizing this event. Looks like everyone had a blast. I’m a little jealous.

    • randoramble says:

      Israel, we missed you. The good news is you’ve got 360 days to schedule for the 10th Anniversary of M2M. First or second sunday in May, 2018.

  4. Charlie Murphy says:

    ENJOYED IT as usual, great seeing the whole gang together again. Beers went down too easy at the end but did inspire a new brew to make…OPA

  5. noracer says:

    As usual, thanks for the splendid ride. It was great seeing the gang and meeting new people.

    • randoramble says:

      Thanks Jon for taking an actual picture of the Washington Monument. Maybe I’ve ridden this route too many times– I never did take a pic of it!

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