1. Wear a helmet.
  2. Use good working lights
  3. Concentrate on the road around you as you ride
  4. Respect drivers, pedestrians and road laws
  5. Communicate your movements to other riders.
  6. Point out hazards & help out other riders.


Choose a comfortable, familiar bike. Take it to your favorite bike shop and have them fix and adjust all the things that annoy you about it. Consider mounting a new set of flat resistant tires. Check the weather the day before the ride and chose appropriate clothing. Have your bike, clothing and supplies ready the night before. Pack a cell phone and have a plan to get home in case you’re unable to finish.

  • If you have a bike bell, bring it. We’ll be riding many miles on the DC trail system.
  • Print yourself a cue sheet or get one from Bob the morning of the ride.  
  • Bike locks are generally not needed.
  • Bring a couple ziplock baggies to store things in case of rain or excessive sweat
  • Keep your break time (off the bike) as short as possible
  • Tweet, Instagram, etc. to #bikem2m


  • Riding fast or finishing in a certain amount of time
  • Thinking you’ll get left behind
  • Blowing thru intersections to keep up
  • Pace lines


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  3. Carl says:

    Just wondering if the Ramble went ahead in this rain?

    • randoramble says:

      rain was crumby, but manageable in the morning.
      after a group photo at the DC monument the ride home was just fine.

      ride report and pics to come. -Bob

  4. Carl Wright says:

    I know it says rain or shine but the consensus forecast for Sunday is torrential downpours until late afternoon. Any chance of a rescheduled ride?

  5. Taylor A says:

    Any “carpool” options to get back to Baltimore to pick up cars? I’d be driving UP from Silver Spring for the start, just trying to figure out best way to get my car…. (or anyone carpooling up from DC?)

    • Taylor A says:

      [edit. I’m a moron for not reading the cue sheet first 🙂 Didn’t understand it was down and back – had someone else describe it as “Baltimore to Washington” and left out the return leg 😉

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  7. Don V says:

    Do you know if there is free street parking within several blocks of the ride start?
    Thank You,

    • randoramble says:

      Almost as important as free and nearby is “safe” and “all-day”. On Sundays, I bet you’ll find something like that in Mt. Vernon. Unfortunately, I can’t point to any specific block where you’ll find it. As a back-up parking plan, I’d print the Flower Mart’s paid parking lot suggestions here: (bottom of page)

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  10. Jim Mayhew says:

    Looking forward to the M to M ride on May 3rd. in terms of a bike, I have two options: A carbon road bike with 700 x 25 Gatorskin tires in which I average 14-15 mph on hilly terrain or a steel touring bike with 700 x 32 tires in which I average 12-13 mph on hilly terrain. Do you have a recommendation on which is the best bike for this ride? Thanks.

    • randoramble says:

      Jim, both of those bikes sound like good ones for this ride. I’d pick the one that’s most comfortable and not worry about speed. Glad you asked. Hope to see you on the ride.

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